P&P HOMES - Year Round Mobile Homes

The P&P Homes business idea is the result of many years of experience in the construction industry, especially in the construction of single-family houses. Then we decided to create a new quality product: heated mobile homes that will delight their owners with an interesting Scandinavian-inspired design. Earlier, for many years, we built single-family houses. Thanks to this, we have the knowledge and experience that allow us to produce year-round mobile homes faster while maintaining diligence regarding construction and finishing.

As a whole company, we specialize in road works, wooden and steel constructions. In addition, our activity also includes preparing the area for building foundations, assembly of structures, interior finishing and various types of woodwork (carpentry). In addition to producing mobile homes, we also build houses in traditional technology.

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Podleśna 37, 15-509 Sobolewo

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Gen. St. Sosabowskiego 28, 15-182 Białystok

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