By buying our mobile homes, customers simply want to feel warm, safe and comfortable.

Our mobile homes are made using the LUXUARY CRAFT DESIGN method. In this method, luxury does not mean the material value of the thing itself. It is a celebration of time, appreciating the manufacturing process and the materials used. Time is not only hours of work, but also years of experience, which resulted in the possibility of crafted mobile homes.

The LUXURY CRAFT DESIGN philosophy is also the selection of the best quality raw materials, not just the cheapest solutions. In the production process we do not use artificial panels, foamed polystyrene, putty or acrylic plasters. They are all artificial materials that lower the standard of the whole house and reduce comfort. We also know that no siding can replace the smell of wood. All-year mobile homes P&P Homes are the best ecological materials close to nature and design consistent with the principles of Scandinavian design.

Wood Fibre Insulation – in harmony with nature

The year-round mobile home is basically a flat equipped with household appliances and modern technological solutions. Thanks to this, mobile homes are fully functional throughout the year. Customers, asking us about the houses, were usually surprised that we use wood fiber insulation. In fact, many people were not aware of its existence or properties. And it is the use of wood fiber insulation that is the hallmark of the P&P Homes brand.

To explain how important it is for us to use natural thermal insulation materials, it is worth understanding how moisture behaves, which all mobile homes have contact with.

Let the house breathe

In houses based on steel constructions, CONDENSATION of water occurs during temperature changes. In spring, summer and autumn water flows down the elements of the metal structure. In winter, however, it freezes at minus temperatures and the heating is off. All these factors in contact with mineral wool or worse with foamed polystyrene and PUR foam cause that moisture in the form of condensation is absorbed by the external facade or internal walls of the house. Effect? Fungi and bacteria spores are formed. Colloquially, we say that there is mold or fungus on the walls. The phenomenon of moisture penetration through wood fiber, compared to classic foamed polystyrene, can be observed, among others in a water diffusion experiment .


The indoor microclimate has a great impact on our well-being and comfort. Artificial insulation such as foam, vinyl panels, kerafront or siding does not drain moisture properly - the walls do not breathe. This can be explained by using a cold room analogy. When the door closes tightly in the cold room, there is nowhere to evaporate, so it settles on the walls and freezes. Similarly, it happens with non-breathable walls covered with insulation foam or artificial panels during freezing temperatures. That is why we insulate our houses with natural, breathable thermal insulation material, which is STEICO wood fiber.

Wooden facade

The formwork of spruce or larch fits into the natural surroundings of mobile homes.

Ecological thermal insulation

Wool made of wood fiber wicks moisture away to prevent the formation of mold and fungus.

Large glass panes

Panoramic windows in the living room allow you to soak up the views and let a lot of natural light into the house.

Removable chassis

The transport chassis can be removed in a few minutes. You no longer have to cover the wheels.

Pleasant like at home

We can equip P&P Homes year-round mobile home with household appliances and technological solutions, thanks to which you can stay in it throughout the year. Peace and relaxation are also provided by perfectly soundproofed walls with undercoat Steico Flex 036 , which we also add in partition walls.

Exterior walls

We cover the frame of the house with solid outer sheathing made of MFP boards, and for insulation we use natural wood wool STICO FLEX 036. The external walls are also mounted on a wooden grid and covered with a windproof membrane. Such a complex system means that in winter the walls keep warm, and in summer they protect the interior from excessive heating.

The standard façade in P&P Homes houses is a natural wooden shuttering made of Scandinavian spruce or Siberian larch. Optionally, we can prepare the facade from sheet metal or ventilated from HPL, Spieki, AlucoBond and other wood type.

Natural thermal insulation

STEICO Wood Fiber is an insulation that is used in the best ecological constructions. Unlike some mineral wools, it is not carcinogenic or toxic. It is made of wood fiber, obtained from forest thinning or sawmill waste. It has excellent fireproof and water absorption properties. Each individual wood fiber can store at least 15 times more water vapor than mineral fiber, without losing its insulating properties.

When the weather conditions change, STEICO insulation releases moisture into the atmosphere (it does not store it in partitions). In addition, it tightly fills the spaces between the elements of the house structure and does not settle, making it an excellent regulator of the microclimate of rooms.

Panoramic windows

Large windows through which you can admire the panorama - this is the dream of many people. All-year mobile homes P&P Homes can be made with a living room with huge windows on three sides (from the front and on both sides). In this way, you can let more of the natural world inside. Large glazed windows give the impression of space, and at the same time safety against the cold. A real cozy shelter for you and your family.

If you own a property in a mountainous or hilly area, you must place the house on a slope. That way you'll have a million dollar view. Nature at your fingertips, dinner eaten with a view of the whole area - this is something you can have easier than you think.